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Workforce Solutions with a Focus on Facility Maintenance

When one thinks traditionally about labor services, the usual understanding is that one type of labor service is being provided as an augmentation to a company’s current staffing requirements.

In the Workforce Solutions business model, your company outsources as many processes and functions which are not essential to your core competency. The Workforce Solutions engagement allows for you to redirect key internal resources, achieve operational cost reduction benefits, and focus on your core competency.

For example, a company that designs and manufactures solar-powered residential and commercial devices would define its core competency as product design and manufacturing; it would not see warehousing, facilities maintenance, security, and non-core manufacturing functions as core competencies. These are Benjamin Enterprises’ core competencies. The effect of bringing together competent partners focused on their respective competencies is to dramatically improve the operational efficiency of the primary partner – our customer – and therefore increase its competitive advantage through its ability to better focus on its core competency. This is the essence of an effective Workforce Solutions engagement.

The provision of skilled labor across a number of coordinated functions is an important. One such function, and a long standing core competency of Benjamin Enterprises, is Facilities Maintenance.

In this 30 minute webinar focused on Facilities Maintenance, we will take you through its key components and explain why they are essential to the reduction of your operating costs and the improvement of efficiency and service levels. These components include:

  • What are the areas in a facility that should be considered for a maintenance program
  • How services are performed for these areas
  • Job training compliance and certification
  • Quality control inspection and reporting
  • Risk mitigation

How managed facilities maintenance service will reduce operating costs and improve efficiency
We also encourage you to participate in the Workforce Solutions Overview webinar to get a better understanding of the business model and how it can be a game changer for how you think of taking care of your non-core business operations.
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