Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence – CASE STUDY

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Major international logistics carrier providing warehouse distribution to 50 states, Canada and Mexico.

Business Issue

For over a decade, the client simultaneously had multiple vendors supplying large numbers of contingent labor services throughout all their locations. Each contingent labor vendor had multiple job descriptions and different charge rates for each labor categories. Oft times, competing agencies performing the same type of labor services had charge rates that varied by as much as 36%. Client did not have job descriptions, nor did they know the true geographic market value for the work performed at their various sites.

Business Solution:

Benjamin Enterprises immediately assessed the job duties of each team member. Job descriptions were prepared, which allowed for a consolidation of job duties. Labor analysis was performed to ascertain true market cost for jobs performed.


Within 3 months, client had reduced job description categories from 136 to 8. These 8 categories were skills targeted and utilized enterprise-wide. Charge rates were consolidated to match the 8 job categories. Job descriptions were written to allow for cross-training of personnel to support infrastructure needs and growth.

On-going Support

Benjamin Enterprises continues to provide job description cross-training, which as team members expand their skill set and business knowledge, their progress is reinforced by our REWARD system.

These services are FREE, and simply represent a value-added benefit to our clients. Our value-added labor supportive services include: financial management, family management, and legal consultation for our team members.