Welcome to the NY Metro area CRM Users Group Page. Here you can find notes and other helpfull information that is discussed during the meetings that we all attend.

There will be more information posted here soon pending approval of all parties.


Our December 2011 Meeting

Facilitator – Scott Jeffer of the N.Y. Yankees

We met at Microsoft’s NY Offices and there was a nice continental breakfast that was laid out for us.  There were approximately 40 or so people who attended this meeting.  There was a presentation from a Microsoft Partner, a Microsoft Representative and then several group discussions that were very spirited and geared towards helping members solve some of their problems.

  Download the notes from 12/15/11


Note Overview

  • Discussion about when and where the next meeting will be held.
  • Everyone seems satisfied with the format but the times could be more varied.
  • Looking for help to run the organizational side of the meeting.

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