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Our Core Story

The philosophy that drives the success of Benjamin Enterprises can be summed up in a single sentence: We are relentlessly particular about the details.

Since 1985, Benjamin Enterprises has impressed our customers with our meticulous attention to every aspect of each job. Customer Management Teams continuously monitor and assess the progress of each job. Field supervisors use daily checklists and log books to score the day’s work. Managers track each job’s progress through our proprietary computer system. Documented results are furnished to our clients to assure quality control.

The code of excellence established by the principals of Benjamin Enterprises permeates through every level of the organization. Each employee undergoes a comprehensive pre-employment screening process and is randomly tested throughout his or her tenure. We take every precaution to recruit people who are trustworthy, reliable and dedicated. Innovative and intensive technical training takes place at both our corporate office and in the field to keep our employees up to speed on the latest technology and systems.

We understand that maintaining our high standards for superior service requires a skilled and dedicated workforce. Our commitment to raising the self-image of our employees is self-evident through our training, mentoring, and career development programs. We offer opportunities for advancement as well as management and leadership incentive programs. We’ve built our business with the core values that our customers come first, that our services must always be of the highest quality and that we must maintain a balance between cost and value. That’s why our customers have been with us an average of 10 years and Ernst & Young named our president Entrepreneur of the Year.

At Benjamin Enterprises, every job is approached with experience, executed with precision and completed with excellence.