Is an Internship Program Right for Your Business?

Michelle Benjamin – CEO of Benjamin Enterprises


With colleges, universities and high schools wrapping up the school year, there will be many students looking for internships. These students will be looking for businesses within their career field for opportunities to gain real world experience sometimes receiving a small salary in return. So should you consider an internship program for your business?

Review Your Business Needs – Take a good hard look at your projected workload for the next few months. Do you need help? If so and you are willing to put forth some effort to do training, you should definitely consider setting up an internship. Small businesses especially can benefit from an internship program since they will be getting an extra worker for a smaller salary.

Create the Job Description – This is one of the most important parts of creating the internship. Too many times, businesses will just hire an intern with no real idea of what they will be doing. By creating a specific job description which includes detailed roles and responsibilities, you will ensure that you are getting qualified candidates who are interested in the job.

Paid or Unpaid – Decide on whether this will be a paid or unpaid internship. Legally you can have an unpaid internship as long as you abide by labor laws. You can find out more about those here. Also keep in mind that you will have a larger pool of candidates to recruit from if you are offering a salary.

Contact the Schools – Reach out to the job placement offices at your local colleges and universities with the job description. Depending on the job requirements, you can also reach out to local high schools and consider rising juniors or seniors for you position.

Interview the Candidates – Treat these interviews like you would any interview for a potential employee. While these potentials might not have as much experience, it is important to make sure that their attitude and work ethic are a fit for your business.

An internship is a great opportunity for both the business and the intern. The business receives additional labor at a lower cost and the intern receives on the job experience that will look good on their resume when seeking a full time job. Just make sure to abide by the law when it comes to paid/unpaid work opportunities and that you have a well-documented and defined job description. Then, both you and your intern will benefit from the experience.