Benjamin Enterprises presents Fabian Corly with ACE award

Traci Carr, Fabian Corly and Leonard Miller (L – R)

Benjamin Enterprises strives to create opportunities for people to achieve their full potential through the experiences of skill development and mentorship. Benjamin Enterprises awards employees the ACE award based on their Accountability, Commitment, and Excellence. The ACE award’s primary focus is to reward exceptional employees for reaching work goals, achieving milestones or simply doing a good job as well as arousing motivation, sustaining retention and increasing the overall performance of Benjamin Enterprises. The recent ACE award was presented to Fabian Corly. Fabian was hired by Benjamin Enterprises in June of 2011 as an unarmed Security Guard.

Fabian was nominated on the premise of his flexibility, response, and availability for emergency situations while maintaining a 100% attendance record. Fabian’s commitment to Benjamin Enterprises and his career growth within the organization sets a leading example for other Benjamin Enterprises employees.