Benjamin Enterprises Launches On-Line Training Courses

Michelle Benjamin – CEO of Benjamin Enterprises


As a solutions-driven company, Benjamin Enterprises can offer your business customized training to support your workforce development goals.

Many companies focus on gaining greater levels of performance from their employees without adequately addressing the preparedness of the employee to become accountable for quality results. Benjamin Enterprises’ on-line courses are now available to every employer to support your corporate productivity goals and objectives.

Our proprietary BeLearning course addresses the soft skills so often lacking in achieving employment results. These modules are part of a blended learning program, and can be combined with our mentorship program and classroom seminars to reinforce the newly acquired concepts.

Benjamin Enterprises has cultivated a large catalog of course choices designed to help employers to ensure that workers can maintain current certifications and remain successful on the job. You can choose from a large variety of Career Certificate courses or Instructor Led courses on a job-specific topic. Our customized, blended learning programs provide the option to combine one-on-one or group mentorship.

In today’s economy, businesses need a more efficient workforce.

Workers need to:

  • Adapt to changes in equipment, procedures and technology
  • Communicate clearly to customers and coworkers
  • Understand the value of customers and customer satisfaction
  • Provide an appropriate attitude and demeanor at work
  • Be dependable and flexible with work schedules

How Will Training Improve Your Workplace?

Studies have shown that employees are happier at work when they know what is expected of them. Employees that are comfortable with their skills are more efficient.

This contentment leads to job retention and greater work output both of which will benefit your business.

How Will Training Benefit Your Customers?

Providing employees with training to develop their customer communication skills is a triple-win proposition for your company, your customer, and your employees.

Win # 1: Your company can maintain a steady stream of revenue when you have repeat business from satisfied customers.

Win # 2: Your customer is more satisfied when they experience intrinsic value through the use of your service.

Win # 3: Your employees are more apt to be satisfied when they are afforded sustainable employment.

Bottom Line: A satisfied customer leads to a satisfied company that can maintain employment for satisfied workers.

How Can Workforce Development Save You Money?

Hiring new staff is costly. Protect your investment by ensuring employees have the skills needed to do the job efficiently. Train your current staff to become more productive and efficient. Retaining productive staff will save your business time and money.

If you choose, Benjamin Enterprises can provide a full-service Workforce Solutions Program. Experience a labor cost savings of up to 35% by allowing us to manage your clerical, administrative, help desk, security guard, and janitorial requirements.

Concentrate on your core functions and leave the rest to us.