Benjamin Enterprises Can Improve your Work Environment with the BEGreenReady™ Process

Michelle Benjamin – CEO of Benjamin Enterprises


In keeping with our theme, Employers Need Excellence; Employees Need Skills, let us explore the many ways that a cleaning staff experienced in green techniques can improve your workplace.

What is BEGreenReady™ -Benjamin Enterprises has developed an exclusive green cleaning process that emphasizes the core green concept of “Reuse, Reclaim and Recycle”. We use a holistic approach to both cleaning and maintenance of a facility. Green Seal certified cleaning chemicals and high performance cleaning equipment can be purchased directly through our warehouse and delivered to your facility. Our cleaning methods and products are environmentally-friendly, preserving both the environment and human health.

How will BEGreenReady™ improve your workplace?

  • We will help you lower the environmental impact or footprint of your business
  • We will reduce cost
  • We will improve air quality
  • We will improve efficiency

How will BEGreenReady™ benefit your customers and employees?

  • Customers will benefit from improved air quality and by knowing that your business cares about their health. Our customers are important to us and in these uncertain times, it is more important than ever to let them know how valuable they are to your business.
  • Employees will benefit from increased productivity due to reduced exposure to toxic chemicals and improved air quality. Research show that employee retention is improved when the employee feels that the business cares for their health and personal needs.

How will BEGreenReady™ save you money?

  • Benjamin Enterprises uses green cleaning products sold in concentrated form, and used for multiple cleaning tasks. Reusable cloths, mop heads and dusters eliminate the cost of paper products.
  • Using your staff or ours, Benjamin Enterprises can train efficiency techniques to further reduce expenses, manage the cleaning of your facility and reduce your labor costs by up to 35%.

Allow Benjamin Enterprises’ expertise to improve your workplace environment.