Benjamin Enterprises Can Solve Your Security Guard Training Issues

Michelle Benjamin – CEO of Benjamin Enterprises


In keeping with last week’s theme, Employers Need Excellence; Employees Need Skills, Benjamin Enterprises provides recertification courses for employed security guards and certified security guard courses for potential employees.

Training for security guards was mandated by the Security Guard Act of 1992. The Act requires that all security guards complete three training courses. These courses include the 8-hr Pre-Assignment, 16-hr On-The Job, and 8-hr Annual Refresher. All courses must be conducted at approved training schools, by certified instructors. The Division of Criminal Justice Services, Office of Public Safety provides administrative oversight for private security training in New York State.

These steps were taken to regulate training schools through an approval process and ensure that security guards completing courses meet the minimum standards and skills required for the job. Private enterprises increasingly utilize security services as a supplement to traditional law enforcement to protect people and property.

The security industry provides:

  • A specialized workforce to enforce the rules, regulations and procedures of employers and clients
  • Control access and prevent trespass to an employer’s or client’s property
  • Prevent loss of or damage to persons and property
  • Represent the employer or client by providing guidance to authorized visitors and other employees
  • Manage traffic flow and deter criminal activity on the employer’s or client’s property

Are your New York security guards registered with Albany, and are their certifications up to date?

Benjamin Enterprises offers the solutions both employers and employees need to succeed:

  • Benjamin Enterprises, through its training partner – TrainEase International is licensed to provide the NYS-mandated Security Guard compliance classes.
  • Our security guard classes can ensure your workforce is properly trained ensuring qualified staff and avoiding hefty NYS fines.
  • Our Security Guard training program meets all New York State current requirements:
    • Our instructors are Law Enforcement professionals certified by NYS to teach Security Guard courses.
    • Our Training Institute has been approved by NYS to provide Security Training programs.
    • Our curriculum is approved by NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services

Let Benjamin Enterprises put our training expertise to work for you. As your security guard training partner, we can train your guards, our perhaps, you will choose to use our guards to make your tenants, customers and employees feel safe and secure, 24-hours a day, seven days per week.

Our commitment to excellence extends to every employee. Our security personnel undergo a comprehensive pre-employment screening process, and are randomly tested throughout their tenures.

At Benjamin Enterprises, every job is approached with experience, executed with precision and completed with excellence.

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