Employers Need Excellence; Employees Need Skills

Michelle Benjamin – CEO of Benjamin Enterprises


As we enter into this New Year, Benjamin Enterprises is launching BE Learning Systems.

This new service will provide another opportunity for Benjamin Enterprises to provide quality solutions to our customers. Our trainings are geared to bridge the gap between employer needs and employee soft and job specific skills with the goal to create a more productive and sustainable workforce.

Our Philosophy is that success will come as a result of a company’s commitment to excellence on all levels, including their workers.

Our Goal is to deliver better solutions and service to our customer than our competition.

Our Vision is to provide customized job specific training, soft skill enhancement, including attitude and effective customer communication, to improve worker performance, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Our Value Proposition is to solve our customer’s challenges by providing creative, cost-effective training solutions to build skills, improve productivity and enhance employee retention.

Our Mentoring Program will provide job-specific guidance. Studies support the finding that adult learning yields the best results when it is received through a blended program – hands-on learning coupled with personal mentorship. The goal and objective of the mentoring program is to ensure skills retention and sustained work productivity levels among our trainees.

CEOs will tell you that the difference between business success and failure is in the quality of their employees. Our tagline, ”Hands that Work, Minds that Think”, is a principle so important to Benjamin Enterprises that it appears in our logo. This attests to our belief that employees, bolstered by customized business and training solutions, are keys to a business’s excellence and ultimate success.

Benjamin Enterprises has always been driven by the ability to evaluate our customers’ needs and to provide the solutions – through skilled employees – to meet them. Our skill in training and certifying employees in the areas of Facilities Maintenance, NYS Security & Patrol, Warehouse & Distribution management, National Safety Council Construction Flagging, and OSHA Safety Training & Compliance is unparalleled in the industry.

BE Learning Systems will expand this portfolio of instructional services to include a broad curriculum of courses in areas such as enhanced soft skills training, new hire orientations, core aptitude training, and remedial retraining, as well as, developing programs tailored specifically to their customers’ needs.

Particularly well-timed will be course offerings in Green Facilities Maintenance and Operations, a vital area already identified by BE Learning Systems as critical to a company’s future environmental “footprint.” Benjamin Enterprises’ executives have received and will continue to receive training and certification from the U.S. Green Building Council through NYSERDA and the Urban Green Council initiatives.

These courses and training programs will be delivered through a newly robust selection of interactive, online, classroom and onsite products. There will be online e-training and webinars, instructor-led classroom courses, and customized onsite programs.

Last but certainly not least, a confident workforce will deliver the best customer service. We believe that a workforce that has confidence in their skills increases their capacity to perform.