The 4th Question You Should Be Asking: How Will a Workforce Solutions Engagement Impact My Current and Future Enterprise Performance and Most Importantly, Meet My Future Needs?

Michelle Benjamin – CEO of Benjamin Enterprises




A Workforce Solutions engagement starts with your decision to outsource the responsibility for business functions that are not your core competencies. Your decision rests upon the recognition that the functions you are outsourcing to us are our core competencies. From the moment the transition begins, your expectation should be that the performance of these functions will improve, better reporting will commence and cost savings will ensue. The reason why you should expect these things to happen is that they are clearly defined in the Service Level Agreement between us.

The Service Level Agreement not only defines expected performance. It can include contingency performance arising from circumstances that may occur, such as snowstorms. It can also address how service levels can be modified if your business conditions change. This is one definition of a “future need.”

Businesses do undergo changes in response to competitive challenges, new technologies, and your customers’ changing needs. An example of change based on new technologies is the growing movement in building construction and management to become “green” (environmentally friendly). There are sound business reasons for this, and nationally recognized standards help all parties understand the requirements.

When a building goes “green” and obtains a nationally recognized certification, building maintenance practices undergo a transformation. Best practices for green maintenance have to be applied, or the building’s green certification (and the tax benefits that come along with it) is put at risk.

We anticipate this change in two ways. First, when we establish a workforce solutions engagement with you that includes maintenance services, we determine whether you are planning to green certify the building(s) for which you are outsourcing the servicing to us. If so, then together we plan into the Service Level Agreement contingent performance requirements that are triggered at certain benchmarks during the certification process. Throughout the certification process, we can be a consultative resource, providing guidance to conform to best practices. When we do this, you understand the costs in advance, and can budget forward with confidence. And since our training division, TrainEase International, Inc., conducts green maintenance training that complies with national best practices, we know exactly what the cost differential is.

Anticipating future needs based on a thorough understanding of the business development path that you are on, and the goals you have set during the life of the engagement between us, can ensure that they are covered in the Service Level Agreement.