The 3rd Question You Should Be Asking: What Is the Level of Service Performance Transparency?

Michelle Benjamin – CEO of Benjamin Enterprises




As a Workforce Solutions provider, we need to deliver the functionality that you have outsourced to us, yet still give you visibility into your operating environment and to all actions taken to resolve operational issues. You should have ready access to a self-service management portal that provides operational visibility to our performance of work.

The portal should offer:

  1. Performance reporting (KPI’s)
  2. Real time alerts, event information and resolution
  3. Notifications and updates
  4. Ability to submit change requests

These may seem obvious to you, but I want to stress that reporting has to be transparent, and at the heart of transparency is trust. You have entrusted operational responsibility to us and, therefore, you have an expectation that your trust will extend to the reporting we provide to you. What do the types of information detailed above have in common when considering the trust factor?

You can expect us to provide accurate, timely and detailed information about service performance data and planned maintenance activities. This information should be available to you as frequently as you need it to be provided. And, you should expect us to provide proactive communications regarding operational activities, or put another way, regularly scheduled communications about the ongoing maintenance of your operations at established levels of performance.

Trust extends to the reliability of our reporting systems. You can expect that these will consistently meet the highest standards of performance. You can expect that we are prepared to grow systems and infrastructure to meet changing business demands – yours as well as for all of our customers. You can expect support that responds quickly and accurately to issues.

Trust and transparency are intimately connected.