The 1st Question You Should Be Asking: How Will a Workforce Solutions Engagement Help My Organization Do Its Job Better?

Michelle Benjamin – CEO of Benjamin Enterprises




Every business sells products or services. That is the reason for its existence. Whatever these may be for your business, everything that you do to provide them to your customers are your “core functions”. Collectively, doing them constitutes your “core competency”.

Businesses that are successful are good at their core competency.

There are other functions that you do that, while not directly related to the production of a product or provision of a service, do have an effect on the performance of the business and impacts your profitability. These indirect, “non-core functions” are typically outside your core competency. You may be performing them adequately, but not necessarily optimally.

Put another way, you are the expert in the performance of your core competency. My company is the expert in the performance of those indirect functions that are not part of your core competency.

Part of being an expert is that you know how to produce the best product or service for the least amount of money – this is what Return on Investment is all about, isn’t it?

When you are not expert, the cost of doing something is higher. That’s what home improvement companies count on. You start out thinking you can handle the task, and buy the tools and materials from the store. Let’s not forget your time, since you are the “labor”. This investment in tools, materials and time is really your overhead, and in business, has to be passed along to your customer in your product or service pricing.

And, how many times during the course of a project did you have to go back for more materials, tools and advice from the home improvement folks?

After you finally figure out that an expert would have done a better job and cost less, that same store will offer contractor services to help you out. Isn’t it interesting that they offer workforce solutions too?

Here’s the heart of the answer to the first question: outsourcing those indirect functions to experts in the performance of these functions will result in improved efficiency at a reduced cost.

With the elimination of the administrative and operational management of these indirect functions, your core team members can be repositioned to optimize your direct core functions. The ability to refocus and realign core resources to improve your product or service, while enjoying the benefits of reduced operating costs and improved efficiency that we bring as your partner, is how a workforce solutions engagement helps your organization.