The Five Questions You Should Be Asking About a Workforce Solutions Engagement

Ashley Platt – Marketing Coordinator


There is so much more to Workforce Solutions than just the ‘fundamentals’ which we have has covered over the past two months. Our CEO, Ms. Benjamin has talked to the ‘fundamentals’ and essential tools such as Service Level Agreement and Key Performance Indicators, along with explaining why Workforce Solutions is a better business model than the traditional ‘staffing augmentation’ model.

With so many claims to Workforce Solutions popping up, how is one to weed through to really understand a Workforce Solutions engagement? There are five questions you should ask about Workforce Solutions.

  1. How will a Workforce Solutions engagement help my organization do its job better?
  2. Does the Customer experience include startup managed implementation and post-startup service assurance?
  3. What is the level of service performance transparency?
  4. How will a Workforce Solutions engagement impact current enterprise performance and most importantly, meet my future needs?
  5. How will a Workforce Solutions engagement reduce my operational costs?

Since Workforce Solutions is all about the ongoing increase of success within an organization, these questions are focused on realistic needs and issues relative to success. Having a thorough understanding of how a new way of doing business brings operating costs down and increases efficiency of an organization is essential to taking on change.

Stay tuned for our posts to come that will answer each of the questions. We will use real-world experiences as the foundation of our answers. Compare what we say to any other provider’s answers and you will come away with a better understanding of the benefits, and how Benjamin Enterprises can work with you to attain them.