The Five Questions You Should Be Asking About a Workforce Solutions Engagement

Michelle Benjamin – CEO of Benjamin Enterprises


Over the past two months, you have heard me speak about Workforce Solutions in very broad terms. I have described the “fundamentals”, what they are designed to do for you, the essential tools we use such as the Service Level Agreement and Key Performance Indicators, and have explained why workforce solutions is a better business model than the traditional “staffing augmentation” model.

I realize that I am not the only one talking to you about Workforce Solutions. There are many voices competing for your attention. How do you make sense of competing messages and claims? Simply ask the right questions and see what the responses are.

Here, then, are the right questions I think that you should ask about Workforce Solutions:

  1. How will a Workforce Solutions engagement help my organization do its job better?
  2. Does the customer experience include startup managed implementation and post-startup service assurance?
  3. What is the level of service performance transparency?
  4. How will a Workforce Solutions engagement impact my current enterprise performance and most importantly, meet my future needs?
  5. How will a Workforce Solutions engagement reduce my operational costs?

These questions are focused on your needs and issues, not mine or any other provider’s. After all, it is all about your organization’s success. Having a thorough understanding of how a new way of doing business brings operating costs down and increases the efficiency of your organization is essential to taking on change.

Over the course of my next five posts, I will answer each of these questions. I will use my company’s real-world experiences as the foundation for my answers. Compare what I say to any other provider’s answers. I am confident that you come away from that comparison with a better understanding of the benefits, and of how my company can work with you to attain them.