Do You See the Forest or Just the Trees?

Michelle Benjamin – CEO of Benjamin Enterprises


There is an old saying that I am fond of because it captures the essence of the fundamental business issue we have helped our customers resolve: “You can’t see the forest because of the trees.” In this metaphor, the “forest” is the business in the totality of its systems, and the “trees” are the core and non-core functions that must be performed to yield the desired results.

Let me put this into perspective (and when looking at a complex problem, it is all about perspective!)

Executive level decision makers are usually close to problems impacting core functions, such as manufacturing and sales. When it comes to non-core problems, such as facilities maintenance, security or other indirect services, they typically rely on subordinates to explain the problem. These lower level operational stakeholders tend to either isolate the problem without clearly defining its impact on overall business effectiveness, or worse, will suggest a solution to support their personal agendas. Without an objective “big picture” view of the impact of non-core problems, senior decision makers are stuck in the trees, not capable of rising above them.

Is your non-core problem a roadblock on your path to achieve your desired results? Are your problems tied to non-core functions that are contributing to a negative impact on the business?

Our experience as a Workforce Solutions Provider, with a broad base of customers, gives us a balanced approach to introduce optimized functions. Outsourcing will clear your path to improved operational efficiency and lower operating costs. More important is that our experience-based overview can identify multiple non-core functions that may also be included in the outsourcing plan.

We’ve been improving work efficiencies in businesses for twenty six years. This is the experience factor that brings an objective perspective to complex business problems.

Our role is to help you cull out non-core functions that we can rationalize and deliver back to you as a cost effective managed service.

When you work with my team, you get the benefit of the “big picture” assessment and a comprehensive and detailed understanding of how non-core functions should be structured to increase the health and vitality of your business.

The forest is an ecosystem, and so is your business. Every function within your business either contributes to its overall health and vitality – or it diminishes it.