The Workforce Solutions Service Level Agreement

Ashley Platt – Marketing Coordinator

The Workforce Solutions model allows for a more agile and flexible solution for businesses. Once a company’s business case is validated for the model, the benefit of the business case is incorporated into the Service Level Agreement. That document is the heart of the engagement between us and our customer.

The SLA agreement describes in detail that you are outsourcing to us, the processes we will use to fulfill functions and the measurements associated with those processes. These measurements are called Key Performance Indicators, or KPI’s, and they are reported to you in a consistent, objective and timely manner. The assurance of a quality performance of service is not left to change; it is built into the agreement and specifically measured.

With an SLA in place and KPI’s to measure performance, we become a reliable partner for the success attainment of your business’ goals. Service levels are set to support overall business performance requirements and productivity objectives.

Again, we encourage you to hear more about our Workforce Solutions value  proposition by enrolling in the  Workforce Solutions Overview webinar here on our site. It will be a valuable use of 30 minutes of your time, and it may bring to light aspects of your operations that could be outsourced to us.