The Heart of the Workforce Solutions Engagement: The Service Level Agreement

Michelle Benjamin – CEO of Benjamin Enterprises



In last week’s post, the most important points in the business case for Workforce Solutions were introduced. Without exception, the Workforce Solutions model delivers more agile and flexible solutions. These better address changing business conditions than the old way of doing business.

Once the business case is validated, together we incorporate the many benefits of the business case into the Service Level Agreement. This document is the heart of the engagement between us.

The Service Level Agreement describes, in detail, the functions that you are outsourcing to us, the processes we will use to fulfill these functions and the measurements associated with those processes. These measurements are called Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, and they are reported to you in a consistent, objective and timely manner. The assurance of a quality performance of service is not left to chance; it is built into the agreement and specifically measured.

KPIs provide the means for you to see how we deliver optimal performance and consistent productivity for the outsourced functions. With 24/7 support, issues are quickly identified, managed, and resolved so that any impact to productivity is neutralized.

Most mid-sized business operations have many moving parts which must function in tandem to achieve optimal results. Yet, business operations will experience process exceptions, and these exceptions must be thought through properly and remedies built into the Service Level Agreement ahead of time. A well-constructed Service Level Agreement and its KPIs will include pre-planned responses to process exceptions.

Here’s an example. Our customer, a well-known transportation and logistics company, operates cross-docking facilities. When the Northeast region experienced severe snow storms in the recent past, typical daily schedules and routines were interrupted. Benjamin Enterprises strategically rotated its personnel to quickly unload, scan and reload delayed trucks upon arrival. Our pre-planned response restored on-time departures of merchandise to destinations within the region.

With a Service Level Agreement in place and Key Process Indicators to measure performance, we become a reliable partner for the successful attainment of your business’ goals. Service levels are set to support overall business performance requirements and productivity objectives.

Again, I would like to encourage you to hear more about our Workforce Solutions value proposition by enrolling in the Workforce Solutions Overview webinar here on our website. It will be a valuable use of 30 minutes of your time, and it may bring to light aspects of your operations that could be outsourced to us.