Key Components of the Workforce Solutions Business Model

Ashley Platt – Marketing Coordinator

In our most recent communications, we have discussed the merits of the Workforce Solutions business model. Providing more productive and cost efficient solutions, Workforce Solutions allow businesses to focus on their core competency leaving their non-core competencies to us. This new business model increases productivity around core business functions, while Benjamin Enterprises takes care of the rest.

In her most recent post, our CEO has focused on the business case for Workforce Solutions. She made the distinction between the “the old and new way” of delivering cost savings and improved operational performance.

The key components of the business case for Workforce Solutions are:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Eliminate traditional labor costs (including benefits, insurance, transportation expenses and training costs)
  • Allow for adaptation to changing business conditions and the adoption of new business processes without significantly higher costs, reducing stress that change causes
  • Refocus responsibility for operational performance and improvement to us
  • Maintain stable and predictable operating budget
  • Provide latest technology and ‘best practices’ with reduced risk to you
  • Enable you to focus on your core business

To get a better understanding of the Workforce Solutions business model and how it works, register on our website for a 30 minute Webinar.