Important Changes to Our Messaging

Michelle Benjamin – CEO of Benjamin Enterprises



Previously, I shared with you the exciting news that we are launching an educational campaign in the format of webinars, to explain Workforce Solutions, its importance to you, and how Benjamin Enterprises (BE) is the experienced provider of choice.

When one thinks traditionally about workforce solutions services, the usual understanding is that one type of labor service is being provided as an augmentation to a company’s current staffing requirements.

In the Workforce Solutions business model, your company outsources as many processes and functions which are not essential to your core competency. The Workforce Solutions engagement allows for you to redirect key internal resources, achieve operational cost reduction benefits, and focus on your core competency.

For example, a company that designs and manufactures solar-powered residential and commercial devices would define its core competency as product design and manufacturing; it would not see warehousing, facilities maintenance, security, and non-core manufacturing functions as core competencies. These are BE’s core competencies. The effect of bringing together competent partners focused on their respective competencies is to dramatically improve the operational efficiency of the primary partner – our customer – and therefore increase its competitive advantage through its ability to better focus on its core competency. This, then is the essence of an effective workforce solutions engagement.

The provision of skilled labor across a number of coordinated functions is an important – but not sole – component to the managed services engagement. Other equally important components include data gathering, reporting and knowledge management around all of the processes involved in the engagement, the provision of required equipment and consumables, effective management of the team, and a single point of responsibility for services across what traditionally were independent “silos” in the customer infrastructure.

So, today marks the day when you will no longer see us talk about managed labor service. We will be talking about the more comprehensive structure of the workforce solutions offering.

You will also see that while we will still speak to individual competencies such as security and patrol services, our messaging will make sure that they are understood in the proper context of a multifunction capability.

Check out our webinar calendar and join us. I look forward to your feedback as we roll out our educational webinars. We trust that they will help you to better understand how to focus on your core competency while reducing your operating costs.