What Makes BE the Best at What It Does?

Michelle Benjamin – CEO of Benjamin Enterprises


Throughout my first posts here at CEO Perspectives, I have highlighted the importance of mentorship to build up the skills and self-esteem of BEI’s team members so that they can better realize their potential. This ideal is so important that is it incorporated into the company’s formal statement of Purpose:
Our Purpose is to create work opportunities for people to achieve their full potential through the experiences of skill development and mentorship.

Many corporate purpose statements focus on the customer, and you may be wondering about the apparent omission of our focus on the customer. Rest assured that our customer is not “missing in action”. In fact, every customer benefits from the process that informs our Purpose. Our customers receive consistently high quality service because BE’s team members are engaged in a process of continuous personal and professional mentorship.

As you would expect, achieving consistency requires all team members to have a shared mind set that is based on what I call our Guiding Principles. These are our twelve:

  1. We are relentlessly particular about the details
  2. We value hard work – doing whatever is necessary to accomplish the job
  3. Be responsible to our team, to our customers, and to the global community
  4. Dress your best, be your best, do your best
  5. Participate in markets where we can be outstanding
  6. Life long learners will have the edge
  7. Do more with less – operate below budget
  8. Adhere to high standards of professionalism
  9. Arriving / delivering early is “on time”
  10. Lead from the front lines – set the example by demonstrating the behavior
  11. Deliver with a sense of urgency
  12. Value and respect diversity

My next series of posts will examine each of these principles, and I will tell you why we chose them. They are so important to how we do business that I believe that as each team member practices them, the customer benefits from continuous improvement to its operational efficiency.