Our Upward Mobility Program: A Success Story

Michelle Benjamin – CEO of Benjamin Enterprises


In my last post, I said that “I came away from my experience with Yves deeply moved and ever more committed to providing my workers with the opportunity for the continuous development of their talent to unlock their potential to achieve excellence.”

In this post, I would like to share a story about Angela Ramos, a fine example of how our process works to develop the talent within our team members and unlock their potential for growth.

Angela joined us as a janitorial team member in our Brooklyn, New York division. From the start, she showed initiative and a willingness to assist her supervisor in the completion of the myriad of daily tasks that are part of providing quality service to the clients. Although Spanish is her first language, she has consistently made the effort to improve her communication skills in English.

Her supervisor, noting the consistency of her efforts, recommended her for our Upward Mobility Program, and we accepted her into the program at the beginning of this year.

The purpose of the program is to provide first-level supervisory training, including sponsored participation in select state-certified courses. The program, which seeks to balance professional and personal skills development objectives, includes language skills training, as well as the requirement for the participant, in this case Angela, to initiate and facilitate an event in the local community. This latter requirement is designed to help build the participant’s self esteem by being the responsible person to bring positive value to the community in which he or she works.

Since we stress collaborative learning as a crucial element to grow an individual’s skill level, each participant in our Upward Mobility Program takes part in our quarterly reading seminar over the course of the Program, with at least four quarterly sessions required. The participant’s group discussion and decision making skills, so necessary to supervisory and management level operations, are honed and polished.
At the conclusion of the program the graduate is then eligible for promotion to a supervisory position within the company.

We believe that the cultivation of talent from the front line ranks, through a well thought out program, is the most successful way to ensure that we continue to offer qualitatively superior, consistent, and cost effective augmented staffing solutions to our clients.