Keeping Your Customer Forever

Ashley Platt – Marketing Coordinator

Many companies have modified their ways to communicate with their customers. Periodically, companies will survey their customers for input and feedback on services rendered, but research shows that people who are extroverts or ambiverts would prefer to speak to someone, while introverts tend to avoid speaking to others to avoid feeling uncomfortable. Customers that do not take part in telephone customer surveys could still be dissatisfied, yet the company goes unaware, and sadly, unable to solve the customer’s problem.Furthermore, research states that people do not enjoy dealing with automated voice systems while struggling to reach a heart beat[1]. Thankfully, more survey options have become available to support customer’s through the use of a social media customer service format. This format can include on-line live chats, e-mail, frequently asked questions (FAQ’s), how-to blogs/postings, and interactive sessions between customers and company. Companies have noted that these efforts are leading to the improvement of customer retention.

Benjamin Enterprises utilizes the live chats, emails, surveys, and customer face-to-face visits to support our customers. During regular business hours, our phones are NEVER answered by an automated service.
Call, email, or join us today on-line for a live chat to learn more about how we can save you up to 35% off of your current labor budget.

[1] Musico, Christopher. “Poking Holes in Attrition.” CRM Magazine 13.6 (2009): 17. Academic Search Complete. EBSCO. Web. 29 Dec. 2010.