Serving Clients with Workforce Solutions Expertise

“Benjamin stands out as an exceptional Security Guard provider with their ongoing supervisory support on a day-to-day basis. They hire associates….who comply with UPS’s safety, performance, and policy expectations.

– Joe Dawson, Sr. Distribution Manager

“Perhaps the highest compliment we can pay you is to say that we have come to take for granted that our offices will be clean and presentable, and that we give our attention to our business, rather than to concerns about the condition of our office.”

–  Woody Levitan, CPA

“When I think of BE I think of reliability, competence and trustworthiness.”

– Maxine Bennett, Branch Manager

“The security guards are doing exactly what I want them to do; they make a visible statement to our community. Their presence resulted in positive changes in residents’ behavior. They act professionally and are firm, but not confrontational. The great incident reporting permits me to manage issues that I was unable to resolve with our previous security company. There is strong communication, responsiveness and follow through from Benjamin Enterprises.”

– Maria Ventura, Property Manager

“Their attention to detail enables them to spot potential problems and take care of them quickly and judiciously. The crew from Benjamin Enterprises is truly professional.”

– Franklyn Mitchell, Contracting Officer

“Benjamin Enterprises’ workers, supervisors and managers have been very professional and courteous. I am impressed with the depth of in-house training that is done with each of their personnel.”

– Chantel James, Procurement Specialist

“Benjamin Enterprises is able to adapt when our needs change, and they consistently provide well trained and well managed crews.”

– Gary Grimmer, Supervisor, Construction Management

“It’s a pleasure to find a vendor so concerned about my problems. Their staff does an excellent job often anticipating my needs before I even know there’s an issue.”

– Mark D. Brigham, Regional Distribution Manager

“Since contracting with Benjamin, our staff are happier and worker productivity is up! The change is especially impressive since they did it with the same size crew we used when we did it in house.”

– Charlie Mangini, Director of Distribution

“The Benjamin crews are always prepared, on-time when I need them.”

– Sally Berlin, Director of Operations