Welcome to BeLearning …Where Transformation Happens!

BeLearning is an innovative, interactive teaching process designed to provide online, as well as mentor instruction to help employees develop and increase their skills and improve productivity in the workplace. BeLearning was developed by Benjamin Enterprises, an organization dedicated to workforce development. Call 800-677-2532 to discover more.

Corporate Overview and History

BeLearning System is the training and development division formed in 2010 by Benjamin Enterprises, Inc. After 25 years of relentless commitment to customer service, the principals of Benjamin Enterprises decided to take their very successful workforce development training practices and created a blended learning system to share with their clients and other organizations looking for innovative and efficient approaches to provide critical workforce skills training.

The BeLearning System Approach

Benjamin Enterprises developed the BeLearning system in an effort to help other customers and employees benefit from this effective workforce development strategy. As a blended learning and employee development strategy, we know that employees learn more when they can receive feedback and communication regarding how what they are learning can help them personally and professionally. Therefore in addition to online modules, each participant has the option to have a mentor or coach to help facilitate their learning. Additionally, web casts as well as classroom training is also provided to support the learning system.

Each module in the BeLearning system has been carefully developed based on 25 years of successful experience developing a high performing workforce and working with adult learners. The modules provide for interactive learning and immediate reinforcement to help the learner learn at their own pace as they build confidence with each lesson.

The BeLearning System Team

The team at BeLearning System is comprised of professionals with extensive background and experience in adult learning, training, curriculum development, workforce development, media development as well as online delivery systems. These professionals come from all over the world and bring a solid understanding of the importance of virtual and distance learning for today’s global workplace. In addition to the BeLearning System Team, we have a network of consultants, coaches and mentors who provide online as well as one-on-one support for any BeLearning System participant. So whether you are participating as a client partner or as a learning student, the BeLearning System team is just one click away!

Core Values and Guiding Principles

BeLearning System understands that “people” are the core of why we exist. We believe that a confident workforce will deliver the best customer service. Therefore it is important to us that the training we provide builds confidence. We believe that when employees develop confidence in their skills, they increase their capacity to perform! To reinforce and to sustain these principles, our core values include a Commitment to People, Transformation, Service and Excellence Call 800-677-2532 to discover more.