Benjamin Enterprises Presents BeLearning

Ashley Platt – Marketing Coordinator

BeLearning provides on-line training for employees who has high impact contact with the customer. This training will show employees what they can expect and how they should act as they enter into a new job. In addition, this training is beneficial to existing entry level workers who want to advance their career path.Belearning currently consists of three modules with more modules being created based on real work situations. These modules cover all types of scenarios and are comprised of several learning tools. Our lessons are blended and interactive, and use the following tools and techniques:

  • Video Demonstrations
  • Questions and Answers
  • Alternative Decision Paths
  • Mentorship and Coaching
  • Certification of Completion

 After completeing the BeLearning training sessions, your employees will have the adequate skills to be efficient and productive at your worksite. This training will also help employees avoid some of the pitfalls that can become Human Resource problems resulting from non-compliant behavior.